• We are a home-based, state certified preschool, nestled in the heart of South Tabor.

  • Hours 8:30-4:30 Monday- Friday.

  • Woodsong Preschool is a  Reggio-inspired preschool for ages 2 through 6.

  • Although most of our       curriculum is child-led, we also offer other activities such as working with clay, gardening, baking, and music.

  • Lunch, as well as AM and PM snacks are prepared daily, using primarily organic ingredients.

  • Not potty trained? No worries. Just bring diapers and wipes.


In a Reggio-inspired preschool, documentation is an important part of the teacher being a researcher. We use observation and documentation to learn how children learn, and track the learning process as it is happening. It helps teachers grow as educators through constant reflection, and shows the children that their thoughts and ideas are valued. Teachers record conversations of the children and take pictures so we can record and reflect on the process of learning, review past experiences, capture exciting discoveries, and revisit projects later. The information collected helps deepen knowledge of the topic and is a resource for further exploration.


Woodsong often goes on outings to the neighborhood park, and walking field trips within the community. Community members and neighbors are also occasionally invited into the school to share a special skill or job he/she may have with the children. We strive to promote positive interactions and communication among teachers, children, parents, families, and community members.

Woodsong Preschool welcomes diverse families of different races, religions, color, and sexual orientation. All families are welcomed and encouraged to participate in documentation, field trips, and to help in and around the school. 

Contact Us

I'If you are interested in a tour  or a chat contact Jennifer for  more info:


 Call-503-544-3374 or email at 


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  at Woodsong Preschool.






Rockets by Henry age 2

" We must be able to catch the ball that the children throw us, and toss it back to them in a way that makes the children want to continue that game with us, developing, perhaps, other games as we go along." Loris Malaguzzi

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